Triangulation of Profit - Customer Acquisition, Retention and Cross-Sell/UP-Sell

This course covers the three pillars of driving profit - entirely from the viewpoint of the Customer. Financial plans are almost always built off % growth of units, whether in the context of manufacturing, retail, or services. Companies often don't use the real metrics behind high level unit growth - the Customer! How many new customers are you acquiring, how many are you losing, and how many are buying multiple products from you?
This course will focus on these three pillars of topline growth and profitability, and the science behind driving all three. Serving as a follow-up to Brand Strategy - from Formulation to Implementation - we will cover the strategies and tactics to employ for customer acquisition, cross-sell/up-sell, and customer retention/loyalty, and will discuss the connection between the three, within the customer lifecycle, and through the contiuum of marketing. We will leverage proven tools and techniques from the packaged goods,retail, and services industries, for both large and small companies with varying budgets. We will start with the meaning of customer acquisition, retention, and cross-sell / up-sell, and we will show how to link these metrics to the more standard metrics of line of business unit growth. We will then deep dive into specific marketing strategies and tactics to achieve all three goals, simultaneously.

Target Group:
This seminar is intended for people who have some basic understanding of marketing tactics, but who want to understand how to go beyond 'how to market' to 'marketing initiatives to drive each of the three customer pillars of acquiring new customers,retaining existing customers, and selling more to all of them. For people from large, mid and small-sized companies, established or start-up.


  • What is customer acquisition, retention, and cross-sell/up-sell, and how can these be measured?
  • A deep dive into the concept of customer loyalty - what does it mean in different industries
  • How does the customer lifecycle fit into these concepts, and how do you determine the relative balance of your efforts against these three pillars
  • How to incorporate these metrics into your marketing and overall financial budget process and templates.
  • Marketing strategies and tactics for acquiring new customers
  • Marketing strategies and tactics for maintaining existing customers and driving loyalty
  • How to manage ongoing both customer and product/service-oriented metrics - how do these work together
  • What are the marketing initiatives that span all three pillars - starting with the Brand Strategy or Customer Value Proposition
  • How do other cross-functional areas, beyond marketing, play a role in customer acquisition, retention and cross-sell / up-sell, and how does marketing lead this?
  • How to keep the Voice of your Customer front and centre in everything you do
Like all of our courses, we can tailor this course on to meet your specific goals should you wish to offer this to a group of employees. Please, don't hesitate to contact us.

Lecturer: Laila Zichmanis

  • From Mon, 20th Jun, 2016 until Fri, 24th Jun, 2016 (5 days)
  • From Mon, 19th Sep, 2016 until Fri, 23rd Sep, 2016 (5 days)
  • From Mon, 5th Dec, 2016 until Fri, 9th Dec, 2016 (5 days)

5 days

The price for this course per day:
$ 524,- per day (exclusive of HST)


The price comprises:
A combination of lectures and hands-on group work, plus hand-outs of key learnings. Exercises on your specific company in order to leave the course with actionable ways to drive incremental profit.

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