Marketing Fundamentals - Learning from the Masters

This course covers ever aspect of marketing that a brand manager or marketing manager needs to understand. From marketing planning and budgeting, to consumer advertising and promotions, to digital marketing, to marketing analysis, this course shows that marketing is not just about developing great ads, it is, learning from the masters, a science, with not only a creative, but also a numeric, foundation.
This course will teach you concepts, tools, and techniques from the discipline of marketing and best in class marketing practices. It will deep dive into the marketing dictionary written by the masters of marketing, discussing such fundamental concepts as brand equity, brand strategy, consumer loyalty, and more. A significant amount of time will be spent on the elements of business analysis leading to marketing planning, writing budgets, launching new products and concept development and testing, media planning, advertising development, consumer promotions, pricing, selling to the trade, and market research techniques. There will be component focused on manufacturer brands, as well as retailer marketing, how it connects with category management, and private label brands.

Target Group:
This seminar is intended for people who are junior in the marketing career, either brand management or marketing management level, but also higher level professionals, within Marketing or outside of it, who want to brush up on their marketing foundation, or learn more about marketing in order to leverage it more successfully in their organization. While there will be a focus from learnings and practices used by both consumer packaged goods and retail companies, any industry marketing professional would benefit.


  • The role of a Brand Manager, and secrets of success
  • The entire marketing process, from brand strategy, to annual planning, to execution.
  • Consumer Loyalty, how to measure it, and how to drive it
  • The science of Brand Equity, Brand Equity Statements, managing, measuring and building it
  • Consumer and Trade Promotions - types, measuring success.
  • What's in an Ad - what makes great advertising, how to evaluate advertising and work with an agency
  • Concept Development and Testing - how to come up with big new ideas based on real consumer insights
  • New product launch practices
  • Pricing Recommendations
  • Basics of Media Planning
  • Digital Marketing, Social Media and how they link with Offline Advertising
  • Basics of Market Research
  • How to write a Marketing Plan and Budget
  • Retail Marketing - how marketing and category management unite, and private label brands
Like all of our courses, we can tailor this Marketing Fundamentals course to meet your specific goals should you wish to offer this to a group of employees. Please, don't hesitate to contact us.

Lecturer: Laila Zichmanis

  • From Mon, 7th Nov, 2016 until Fri, 11th Nov, 2016 (5 days)

5 days

The price for this course per day:
$ 524,- per day (exclusive of HST)


The price comprises:
A combination of lectures and hands-on group work, case studies, plus hand-outs of key learnings.

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