Python Text Processing Course

When we use the term "natural language", we are speaking about spoken languages such as English, French or German and not artificial languages like computer programming languages. Technologies based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) are becoming increasingly widespread. Corresponding to this growth, the demand for specialists in NLP is rapidly prospering.
This seminar demonstrates the enormous NLP possibilities of Python. It is comprised of both a brief introduction to the Python programming language Python, as well as a practical introduction to NLP with actual computer programs. The seminar begins with examples as simple as counting word frequencies, continues with text classification (document classification) and ends with analyzing the semantic meaning of sentences in natural languages like English or German. You will learn to manipulate large corpora, explore linguistic models, and test empirical claims. At the end of the course you will have learnt how to build robust systems to perform linguistic tasks by using Python and the open source library NLTK, Natural Language Toolkit.

Target Group:
This seminar is intended for people who want to learn how to write programs to analyze written natural language. Prior programming experience is not necessary but recommended.


An intensive 3 to 5 days training course in the Python language on the shores of Lake Ontario. The course provides a hands-on introduction to the Python language and how it interacts with Natural Language Processing.
  • Introduction into the programming language Python: data types, assignments, conditional statements, for loops and the special data types lists, tuples and dictionaries, functions
  • The essentials of file handling
  • Regular Expressions
  • Categorizing and Tagging Words
  • Text Classification
  • Extracting Information from Texts
  • Analyzing Sentence Structures
  • Building Feature Based Grammars
  • Analyzing the Meaning of Sentences
Of course, like all of our courses, we can tailor this Python course to meet your specific goals. Please, don't hesitate to contact us.

Bernd Klein is a computer scientist, who is a well-known expert both in Python and in Natural Language Processing.

  • From Mon, 6th Jun, 2016 until Fri, 10th Jun, 2016 (5 days)
  • From Mon, 25th Jul, 2016 until Fri, 29th Jul, 2016 (5 days)
  • From Mon, 5th Dec, 2016 until Fri, 9th Dec, 2016 (5 days)

5 days

The price for this course per day:
$ 524,- per day (exclusive of HST)


The price comprises:
A copy of "Natural Language Processing with Python" by Steven Bird, Ewan Klein, and Edward Loper

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