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You might ask yourself, why a company specializing in Computer Programming languages also offers high quality Marketing courses? The answer... sometimes life is a matter of Happenstance. While the history and DNA of the Bodenseo brand lies in expert and superior programming and Linux training, Marketing comes to us in Canada due to our Canadian representative, Laila Zichmanis. Managing the Canadian division, and preparing to train beginner computer programming courses, she has high qualifications to teach Marketing courses. With an M.B.A., plus training from the best Consumer Packaged Goods company in the world, and the best Retailer in Canada, plus consulting experience gained in smaller companies and other industries, plus lecturing experience.... Laila has the depth and breadth of both classical training and hands-on marketing and general management experience to teach Marketing courses. The quality of Bodenseo's computer programming courses will live on in these marketing courses.

In-house Training Courses

If more than three people of your organisation or company want to participate in one of our courses, it might be profitable to book an in-house course at your offices.
Please contact us to discuss the details for on-site training seminars at your facility.

Marketing courses

  • Winning Brand Strategies - From Formulation to Implementation

    This course covers all three aspects of Brand Strategy - the strategy itself, the leadership behind it, and the execution of it. By "brand strategy" what we really mean is, "customer value proposition". What are you offering your customer, and why should they choose you? But this is only the beginning. Then comes marketing leadership to drive the implementation.
    This course will teach the steps for both formulating and implementing a winning brand strategy, or customer value proposition, for large and smaller companies with varying budgets. It will start with the steps required to develop a superior brand strategy. Beginning with the concept of 'value', it will teach you how to formulate a proposition that will attract and retain more customers, and the right customers. It then focuses on how to implement the proposition into not only the marketing mix,but into every aspect of the organization, getting the support of key cross-functional areas to bring the brand strategy to life. It will aslo talk about what marketing leadership looks like. By the end of this course, you will know how to develop a winning brand strategy, and leverage it internally and with customers, for the ultimate end result - Living Your Brand for higher market share, and higher profits for your firm.
    Dates: 22/Aug/2016 - 26/Aug/2016; 7/Nov/2016 - 11/Nov/2016
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  • Triangulation of Profit - Customer Acquisition, Retention and Cross-Sell/UP-Sell

    This course covers the three pillars of driving profit - entirely from the viewpoint of the Customer. Financial plans are almost always built off % growth of units, whether in the context of manufacturing, retail, or services. Companies often don't use the real metrics behind high level unit growth - the Customer! How many new customers are you acquiring, how many are you losing, and how many are buying multiple products from you?
    This course will focus on these three pillars of topline growth and profitability, and the science behind driving all three. Serving as a follow-up to Brand Strategy - from Formulation to Implementation - we will cover the strategies and tactics to employ for customer acquisition, cross-sell/up-sell, and customer retention/loyalty, and will discuss the connection between the three, within the customer lifecycle, and through the contiuum of marketing. We will leverage proven tools and techniques from the packaged goods,retail, and services industries, for both large and small companies with varying budgets. We will start with the meaning of customer acquisition, retention, and cross-sell / up-sell, and we will show how to link these metrics to the more standard metrics of line of business unit growth. We will then deep dive into specific marketing strategies and tactics to achieve all three goals, simultaneously.
    Dates: 20/Jun/2016 - 24/Jun/2016; 19/Sep/2016 - 23/Sep/2016; 5/Dec/2016 - 9/Dec/2016
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  • Marketing Fundamentals - Learning from the Masters

    This course covers ever aspect of marketing that a brand manager or marketing manager needs to understand. From marketing planning and budgeting, to consumer advertising and promotions, to digital marketing, to marketing analysis, this course shows that marketing is not just about developing great ads, it is, learning from the masters, a science, with not only a creative, but also a numeric, foundation.
    This course will teach you concepts, tools, and techniques from the discipline of marketing and best in class marketing practices. It will deep dive into the marketing dictionary written by the masters of marketing, discussing such fundamental concepts as brand equity, brand strategy, consumer loyalty, and more. A significant amount of time will be spent on the elements of business analysis leading to marketing planning, writing budgets, launching new products and concept development and testing, media planning, advertising development, consumer promotions, pricing, selling to the trade, and market research techniques. There will be component focused on manufacturer brands, as well as retailer marketing, how it connects with category management, and private label brands.
    Dates: 7/Nov/2016 - 11/Nov/2016
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Our main focus is to establishing an optimal learning environment in a 'learning oasis'. Learning and fun are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, people who feel satisfied with the atmosphere learn faster and better retain what they have learnt. All of our offsite courses take places in some of the most beautiful and also cosmopolitan areas in Canada. Whether in the heart of downtown Toronto's shopping, restaurants and entertainment district, or at the foot of Lake Ontario amongst the most beautiful vineyards in Canada, Bodenseo's easy to comprehend and appealing courses of ensure for you successful training and learning.

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