Introduction to Lisp - Beginner's Course

Lisp has a long and interesting history as one of the oldest computer programming languages. Known for its sophistication, it has developed a reputation amongst some people as being "too hard to learn". Bodenseo training will change the way you look at Lisp. This course will make both learning and using Lisp easy.

Target Group:
While this is a Beginner Lisp course, participants in this Lisp course should have experience with at least one other programming or scripting language.

Lisp is an old language. Actually, it is the second oldest of those programming languages which are still in widespread use nowadays, only Fortran is older.
But Lisp is still a modern language: With implementations like sbcl and closure (for Java) it is possible to design and create modern applications that are as fast as any other programming language, even C.

There is a huge library available for Lisp, especially if you are using Common-Lisp.
Another advantage of Lisp is that is is multi-paradigm. Unlike Java the user is not forced to write Object Oriented Code.
  • History and idea of Lisp
  • Lisp dialects
  • A first start
  • Atoms
  • Lists
  • Lisp Functions
  • List Functions
  • Compiling Code
  • Editing Lisp Files
  • Basic I/O
  • Formatted Output
  • Predicates
  • Sequential Execution
  • Conditionals
  • Macros
  • Operators
  • A Lot about Loops and Looping
  • Debugger and Debugging
  • Mapping Functions
  • Tree Functions
  • Destructive and nondestructive Functions
  • The Art of Copying Lists

Is there a way to formulate the fascination of Lisp in a more beautiful way than George Boole did: "That language is an instrument of human reason, and not merely a medium for the expression of thought, is a truth generally admitted."

  • From Mon, 5th Sep, 2016 until Fri, 9th Sep, 2016 (5 days)

5 days

The price for this course per day:
$ 509,- per day (exclusive of HST)


The price comprises:
  • Handouts,
  • a Lisp book
  • board and lodgings in a beautiful 4-star hotel right on the shores of Lake Constance

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