Perl for Beginners

A Perl training course covering general Perl programming. This course is a grounding in using the scripting language Perl as a Perl programmer, webmaster and/or system administrator. You'll learn about topics such as: regular expressions, lists, subroutines, hashes and references.

Target Group:
This is a beginner's course suitable for anyone wanting to learn Perl and to learn the principles of programming.

  • History of Perl
  • Installing Perl
  • Running scripts
  • Basic I/O
  • Scalar values and variables (numbers and strings)
  • Conditional Statements: The details of the if statement and the conditions
  • While and for loops
  • Lists and arrays
  • Hash alias associative arrays
  • Regular expressions, pattern matching
  • Functions, subroutines
  • Accessing files
  • Interaction with the file system
  • Error handling
  • Using references
  • Using modules

  • On Mon, 28th Nov, 2016 (1 day)

1 day

The price for this course per day:
$ 449,- per day (exclusive of HST)


The price comprises:
printout of slides used in course, Perl book

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